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6 Worst Advises that you must Ignore for your Next Party

|by MTM

  Not every advice is necessarily good advice, especially when you are planning for your next special occasion. With that said, let’s just straight jump into the theme of “ 6 worst advises that you must ignore for your next party.”- 1. “Sending attractive invitation letters is a must”: Although you don’t need reminding, it’s […]

How To Find A Effective Emcee In Singapore

|by MTM

  So now that you have a party/event to Emcee in Singapore, one crucial thing you must do in order to assure the entertainment of your crowd is by hiring an Emcee (Master of Ceremonies). But merely hiring a generic guy that you knew from high school days might end up in a disaster. If […]

5 Biggest Event Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid them

|by MTM

  If you are planning an event, the last thing you want is to follow the forbidden path that many fellow planners unknowingly pursue. As humans, we all make mistakes but when it comes to organizing say an office event, the margin for error certainly reduces, especially in the eyes of your boss. With that […]

5 Office Party Ideas to keep it Wacky and Awesome!

|by MTM

  If you have been tasked with arranging and managing the upcoming office party, you surely must be feeling the heat. Not only should you ensure that maximum attendance takes place, but also during the actual party, everyone has the time of their lives. Not to mention the fact that you don’t have an unlimited […]

Why An Executive Retreat is Important For Your Office Business?

|by MTM

What exactly is an Executive retreat? An executive retreat, in simplest of terms, is a company-paid trip for its employees at an outdoor venue that is agreed upon. It usually lasts for multiple days (less than a week) and usually, the venue that is chosen is a foreign country or at least a distant location. […]