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7 Party Hacks For a Corporate Event That Rocks

March 16, 2020 | by MTM
7 Party Hacks For a Corporate Event That Rocks


  1. Rent the equipment instead of purchasing:

While it’d be good to have those amazing LED lights and neon lasers for your office party but before you open up the company wallet, just think about it, how often are you actually going to need these props after this single event? Probably not too often.

So instead you must rent party essentials that are both cost-saving and less time-consuming. Some items you should consider renting are lights, music systems, microphones, silverware, decorative props, etc.

  1. Live-stream the party speakers:

A good corporate party always includes a speech session from a highly successful entrepreneur or even the company’s CEO who addresses the audience and instills their wisdom and experience. While it’s a crucial activity for any corporate events Singapore, it’s also costly.

But you no longer have to book appointments and fly your guests through first-class air travel if you can simply have them address people from their chairs via social media streaming. Time-saving for them and cost-saving for you.

  1. Local entertainment:

Promote local entertainment during your office party, and even invite some of your own colleagues to display their hidden talents in front of everyone. Drawing entertainment out of your own office bubble will not just help you cut down the costs of inviting professional acts and entertainers.

Plus, it all makes for a highly memorable and click-worthy atmosphere when you see several employees bringing their inner artists to the fore.

  1. Booking cabs well ahead of time:

Need an effective party hack? To save blushes in the last minutes when people can’t seem to find a cab to take them home, or are simply too drunk to drive, it’s rather beneficial to go and book cabs on their behalf well ahead of time.

You can always schedule cabs to arrive on time and that’d be incredibly appreciated by your office colleagues the next day.

  1. Bulk Emailing instead of invitation letters:

It’s not just time-consuming and effortful printing thousands of attractive invitations card and physically hand-deliver them, it also burns a hole in your company’s pocket. Plus, why waste all the paper when you can instead deliver equally attractive invitations for free via choosing an impressive email theme/template and mass-sending it to your guests.

After all, your corporate guests are more likely to check out their emails than regularly opening their letterboxes.

  1. Go crazy & imaginative with the party theme:

A corporate event that rocks is a corporate event that is ready to experiment and set a bit loose on all those rigid office regulations. To make sure everyone has a blast, choosing on an exciting, outlandish and even funny party theme is a bullet-proof idea, that is if you choose on an ideal theme. For instance, “The Office “, “Star Wars”, “Groundhog Day” etc are just some of the endless stream of theme ideas that you can go with.

  1. Hire an Emcee instead of a “DIY performance”:

Instead of trying to arrange and manage each element on stage during the event on your own, perhaps choosing a helping hand from the experts is the way to go. This is where a professional party Emcee (Master of Ceremonies) can save you a lot of trouble.

Being the leading and most renowned Event Company Singapore, we at MTM Events have that covered for you, and everything else relating to the event management hassle as well. We retain a group of exceptionally creative and resourceful event organizers/planners so you no longer have to worry about tackling the challenges of arranging a successful party at all. You can simply leave it all to us, no matter what scale and type of event you want us to handle.