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8 Ways To Ensure Maximum Attendees for Your Corporate Meetings

|by MTM

  Corporate meetings can sometimes be boring, and by sometimes we mean usually. So with that out of the way, it’s no surprise that many office employees start to have second thoughts regarding their life choices when hearing about the corporate meeting that is to be held in an hour. For instance, for a Corporate […]

5 Innovative Ideas to Sparkle Your Next Office Event

|by MTM

  An office event is one of those risky prospects. In the eyes of most people, such events are destined to fail from the offset. Their appeal is really hard to sell as an event organizer. The thing is, mostly these parties don’t embrace the ‘event’ part but rather the ‘office’ part of it. Say […]

8 Best Tips for Planning a Corporate Incentive Trip

|by MTM

  A Corporate Incentive Trip, believe it or not, is one of the few office related events that your employees actually do look forward to. Say, for corporate events in Singapore, there’s a whole lot more you must assure other than the amazing visuals and scenery the place has to offer. So taking care that […]

8 Creative Theme Ideas for your Next Corporate Event

|by MTM

  A corporate event is like your homemade cookies. They can only be as good as your ability to make them that. Remember that your event theme goes a long way in selling the excitement one can expect from your corporate gathering. So as a highly reputed event planning organization. Here are 8 Creative and […]

10 Ways to throw an Awesome Party on a Budget

|by MTM

Wanting to throw an awesome party is the easy part of the puzzle, the difficult thing is to throw a party that everyone enjoys, without it resulting in you depending on cup noodles for your survival for the rest of the month. So say you want to throw a party in Singapore, then you might […]