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8 Superb Trade-Show Ideas to Attain Maximum Visitors

March 2, 2020 | by MTM
8 Superb Trade-Show Ideas to Attain Maximum Visitors


So, you’ve just been tasked with arranging a trade-show by your employers. It’s onto your shoulders now to make sure that the ordeal ends up a classic, and also leads to actual long-term profit for the company as well. Naturally, the main hurdle you need to tackle is ensuring maximum attendance at the event. The job at hand is more difficult than you initially anticipated. So what do you do now?

As a highly reputed event company Singapore, we’re here to assist you in that regard. In this article, we’re going to list out some amazing trade-show planning/management ideas, that will ensure you end up attracting, and retaining the maximum possible number of visitors. Let’s dive right in.

  1. Marketing Your Tradeshow:

Publicizing, a.k.a., advertising your big occasion is a viable method to pull in an increasingly huge crowd (naturally!). By setting advertisements it tells participants and imminent customers ahead of time that you will be at the display. Even the regular customers who are not familiar with your brand but purchase from the competition are bound to check out your items if they come across your advertisement.

From e-mail promotion to hoardings, no route shall be left undiscovered, and the fruits of which shall be reaped.

  1. Offer Free Giveaways:

Arrange a creative free giveaway that will stick in your crowd’s memory. Out of control streak drive, a pair of cool sunglasses, or a fountain pen, are probably going to remain with their beneficiaries some time and make your brand image to remain ever-present inside their brains.

While this might cost your employers a bit of money, but being able to turn a fraction of them into regular customers would more than make up for it.

This ought to be the stuff they can get while strolling around stands. Your complimentary gifts shouldn’t simply lie so everyone can stroll by and take it. Rather, engage with your guests and let them know that you care.

  1. Perfect Lighting Makes a Huge Difference:

While basic, dull lighting at the venue is typically sufficient, however, including your own, perhaps shaded lighting into your presentation makes your brand corner more distinguished and engaging. Your guests cannot help but look your way when they see the beautiful “green screen” and “LED lights” flashing out of the corner of their eyes. Furthermore, the lighting impacts the emotions – you can utilize it to make a welcoming atmosphere as well.

  1. Occasion Gamification:

One of the innovative thoughts for show slows down is to add a gaming component to your stand plan that can draw in greatest guests to your corner. Fusing gamification can use commitment among guests and tempt them to stay at your place for longer periods.

The idea of gamification is to utilize the game’s specialists to support the promoting technique of your show stall. While taking a shot at such show stand thoughts, you need first to recognize your destinations and target crowd.

  1. Perform Live Streaming Via the Exhibition Stand:

When it comes to event promotion and brand marketing, few things can match the efficiency that social media engagement offers. Live video streaming your trade stand and connecting it on a famous web-based social networking platform such as Facebook, and Instagram is another inventive thought that can frequently get participants who plan on going to the tradeshow intrigued and energized.

  1. Digital Photo-Booths is a Must:

Digital photograph stalls permit clients to catch a memorable day and keep it with them forever. Photograph booths additionally permit organizations to mark the photographs that are made.

Marked photographs make it simple for guests to share their experience and photographs via online networking media, empowering the brand to contact a more extensive crowd as well.

So you have a chance to again get in touch with your visitors in the future, and turn them into customers.

  1. The Influence of VR/AR:

With innovation outperforming the show business so quickly, coordinating VR or AR in your stand is as excellent as any other presentation thoughts to anticipate during the fest. With AR and VR innovations you can grandstand your items in real life.

For example, if your organization sells commercial diesel generators, obviously you can’t carry and operate the machine in front of everybody at that time. Rather, you can utilize the VR/AR tech to uncover a virtual demo about the generators’ working and incredible efficiency without actually running it.

  1. Promote Your Trade-Show to be More Interactive:

Ask your show configuration group how you can fuse intuitive components throughout the presentation. One extraordinary methodology is to utilize intelligent ground surface that responds as guests stroll across it.

An interactive trade-show will ensure that people don’t get bored in a matter of five seconds without ever giving you the opportunity to display your business to them.


Organizing, and subsequently managing a tradeshow is a rather difficult task. Fortunately, with our assistance at MTM Events, you no longer have to worry about the ordeal as you’ll rest assured knowing that the most professional and well-reputed Event Management Singapore is handling the affair on your behalf.