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5 Reasons a Proper Emcee is a Must for any Party type

|by MTM

  A party Emcee isn’t a whole lot different from a rapper MC, both of them basically need the skill to awe their audience with their skills and charismatic presence. Say you have to organise an event in Singapore, then the event company in Singapore will provide you with a party Emcee Singapore event venue. […]

7 ‘To do’ to Charm up your Corporate Award Ceremony

|by MTM

  The thing about hosting a corporate award ceremony is that if not hosted appropriately, you run the risk of running a bore-fest for your audience, especially the recipients’ family and friends on the night. To do that say for your Singapore party it’s beneficial if you call a professional Corporate event planner in Singapore. […]

5 Ways hosting a Corporate Party can Boost your Business Presence.

|by MTM

  Contrary to popular thought, a corporate party is anything but a boring event with a gathering of workers purposelessly roaming around. If hosted in a proper manner, it serves as a brilliant means to put forth your brand name in front of the world. A Corporate Event planner in Singapore will assist you in the […]

6 Types of Corporate Events (and How to Make Them Fun)

|by MTM

  Business-related events can frequently feel stale and unsurprising. In any case, that doesn’t mean they need to be. Look at these six regular types of corporate events Singapore and figure out how to make yours increasingly essential. Business-related events don’t need to be unsurprising. Corporate event type 1: Internal meetings Inner meetings need event […]

Emcee Singapore – Make Your Event Exciting!

|by MTM

  Emcee is Master of Ceremonies. The individual in question is the person who has a live show or event and takes the whole event in a smooth stream from the earliest starting point to end. They convey a discourse, present a show, present the entertainers and speakers, drawing in the crowds, give a total […]