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5 Essential Statistics You Need To Know About Corporate Photography

|by MTM

  Memories are the ones that are left behind after the end of any story! And what better way to restore it than photography! Photography is an art, and there are a few things one has to keep in mind while giving it a click! Though the term may be the same, corporate event photography […]

How an Event Management Company can Make Your Event a Success

|by MTM

  Events are the in thing these days and event management companies are gaining profits. There are many things to be done apart from managing an event. Handling both can seem a tiring task. For any celebration Be it corporate or noncorporate, an Event Management Singapore can add to the success of your event. Make sure […]

Common Misconceptions about GDPR in Event Planning company

|by MTM

  GDPR literally took the whole business world by storm when it was announced in 2016, it also included Event Management Singapore. This gave birth to many misconceptions too. As the rumor mills are spinning fast, let’s clear the dust of misconceptions from the minds. The event is such a genre, where conferences and meetings […]

The Luxury Venues for Events in Singapore

|by MTM

  Singapore boasts a wide selection of unique venues that can embellish events of any type and format. Venues do add to the success of your event. Hosting a party on one of the best venues can make it a success. Be it a corporate event or a non corporate events Singapore, a perfect venue […]

What Kind of Events Are Popular in Singapore?

|by MTM

  Singapore, a heaven for tourists, is an exciting city with a diverse culture. The attraction spot for tourists, the city boast of myriad celebration culture and heritage. Various events happening here, attract more customers. An Event Planner Singapore here takes the full charge, thus making the events a success every year. A sneak peeks at the […]