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5 Things You Should Definitely Avoid At a ‘Dinner & Dance’ Event

|by MTM

  A dinner and dance event is more than just a bunch of friends meeting and hanging about. In fact, the occasion is really anything but. As the event host, you can be the party- spoiler without even knowing it, especially when you are guilty of committing any (or multiple) sins named below. As a […]

6 Perfect Kinds of Visual Audio Trends for an Office Party

|by MTM

  As an office party planner, you are pretty much in the toughest spot as the onus of the complete event and its success lies on your shoulders. Not only has everything to be in sync with the budget, but the entertainment value should not be compromised for the sake of a few pennies. Installing […]

6 Ways to Choose The Perfect Emcee For Your Next Event

|by MTM

  Being an event organizer, for any category (either office or informal) can be a really thankless sort of job. As far as the success of the whole thing is concerned, the onus solely lies on your shoulders. Making sure everything is grand and that too on a budget is a dire situation. Fortunately, in […]

Why Event Lighting Matters? 7 Best Types of Event Lightings

|by MTM

  Why Use Event Lighting? If you believe that lighting at your event is just one of those add-on props, then you are definitely mistaken on that. In fact, the event lighting can pretty much make or break the event’s success. Lights are not just there to make everything look bright, but they can also […]

7 Trendiest Trends to follow at a Corporate Meeting

|by MTM

  Organizing a Corporate meeting for your office workers is similar to pitching a Broccoli Salad to a Tiger, the whole thing by default has a disaster and a borefest vibe attached to it. But that doesn’t mean there’s no way you can spark the appeal of the event. In fact, mentioned below are the […]