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7 Event Technology Trends you need to know in 2020

|by MTM

  Event technology refers to the application of a certain tech, whether a hardware or a software, during a live event. Event Services Singapore are usually employing such phenomena to make their product launches stand out. Below we have listed some of the trending technological development within the event management industry. Let’s take a look […]

Awesome Event Layout Tips that will make your Attendees go “wow”

|by MTM

  Now that you’re done with sending out invitations to all the guests for your next office conference, the next part of the puzzle is to choose the layout that ensures maximum engagement. If you wish to acquire awesome Event Services Singapore, then hiring professionals for the job is a must. While the ‘same-old, same-old’ […]

10 Event Planning Checklists that will Actually make a Difference

|by MTM

  Planning an event for your folks is like trying to opt for a gym membership. Everything seems pretty straight-forward on the surface of it, especially when you look at the sweet end result of all the countless hours of sweat and dedication. But once scheduling conflicts and agony takes place, the job becomes more […]

6 Expert Tips to Ensure your Office Event Runs Smoothly

|by MTM

  Believe it or not, but planning an office event to perfection is actually the easier bit of the puzzle. Once it’s Showtime, a number of unforeseen circumstances may present you with a compromising situation, and the whole ordeal may end up being a disaster. So it should be more than just a passing thought […]

6 Benefits of Working with a Professional Event Planner

|by MTM

  Event planning seems to be a stupidly easy thing to do on the surface of it. But once the hidden costs start to appear, and once the DJ you booked has to cancel at the last minute, all the optimism starts to dwindle. Hence, you can d a lot by simply hiring the services […]