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6 Reasons Why Trade-Shows Are the Best Activities for Corporate

|by MTM

  Corporate meetings and conventions are all well and good, but the biggest issue is to ensure that maximum participation does occur during those gatherings. Still, ensuring that every person does attend the business conference is actually paying attention to the proceedings. A smart bet is to host a corporate-based trade show instead. Now, as […]

8 Best Team-Building Events Every Corporate Should Arrange For

|by MTM

  Team-building is a necessary tool in order to maximize the working efficiency of any organization. Hence, as the leading Event Company in Singapore, below we have mentioned a number of team awesome team-building events that every corporate should arrange for in the near future. Build a Race Car Championship: Let the skills and talent […]

Sporting Ideas For An Outdoor Corporate Event

|by MTM

  For an outdoor corporate event in Singapore, sporting ideas are often overlooked as an option even when they usually end up being the perfect foil for promoting team-spirit. So, as the leading corporate events planner Singapore, below we have listed a number of sporting ideas for your next corporate event.   1. Raft Building/Race: […]

7 Impressive Budget Cutting ‘Cheat Codes’ To Follow At Your Next Office Conventions

|by MTM

Office conference is an essential part of smooth functioning for any scale of the corporation. But to avoid the whole speech to fall onto deaf ears, it is mandatory that you organize it someplace nice, and uplifting. Then Again, budgeting becomes a whole new issue as a result of an outdoor venue so you need […]

10 Must-Have Decorative Props to Grace Your Office Event

|by MTM

  Unlike popular fiction, it’s not a foregone conclusion that your office event is a ploy to bore the employees to death and the evil boss seeks revenge room the innocent souls. If anything, office events can be a lot of fun, can often boost team morale and serve as important platforms for higher-ups to […]