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6 Creative Ideas for Your Next Birthday Party

|by MTM

  Birthday events are a day to celebrate your own existence or that of a friend or family member. It’s daily that merits a well-considered and significant festival! In case you’re out of thoughts for your next birthday bash, we have just the right items in the basket for you. As the leading Event Organisers […]

The Best Party Food Trends That Top Chefs Are Talking About

|by MTM

  Throughout the recent year, we’ve seen a wide scope of party cuisine and drinks trends reflecting changing mentalities towards being healthier, and consequently, happier. Partygoers no longer set foot into the venue with the “Any food will do, as long as it’s delicious” mentality It appears to be 2020 is set to be a […]

Why Corporate Are Paying More Attention Towards Event Promotion in 2020?

|by MTM

  In 2020, it’s totally different how the corporates prefer to do business. It’s not a smart choice anymore to blast a target customer’s phone record with hundreds of phone calls or spending a sizeable chunk of investment in printing business promotion cards and invites just for them to end up in the trashcan. The […]

Event Rigging: What It Actually Means and Its Types

|by MTM

  “WHAT IS EVENT RIGGING?” The term ‘rigging’ can itself be characterized in various manners by various individuals. at the end of the day when you go out to attend any event, the structure that is suspended from the rooftop or around the phase to help, lights, speakers, or different materials is actually known as […]

Questions You Must Ask as an Office Party Planner

|by MTM

  You can’t maintain an effective occasion arranging business without clients, so you have to dazzle each prospect that comes in your direction. However, joining forces with an inappropriate customer can cost you time and cash, the two of which could be utilized to land increasingly reasonable tasks. The size, budget or even the duration […]