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Start the Party with a Photo Booth

|by MTM

  Flavor things up with a photograph corner during your cocktail drink hour to kick off your events While the event party is off taking photographs or cruising the town on a party bus, cocktail drink hours can be somewhat stale. Guests are claiming their tables or dealing with the seating course of action and […]

5 Steps to Perfect International Event Planning

|by MTM

  International event planning outside your nation of origin is almost certain to take you outside of your customary range of familiarity. Particularly when it’s your first time. While the test can be energizing it can likewise be overwhelming if not out and out unnerving.  Let’s be honest, even the most practiced and experienced event […]

5 Dinner & Dance Concepts to Wow Your Guests in Singapore

|by MTM

  When you are hosting an event, you need to ensure that your visitors are as amped up for it as you seem to be. You need to draw in them and make the capacity sufficiently engaging to bond collaborators and essential enough to leave an impression. So if you are organized a dinner and […]

Top 5 Tips On How To Organise A Great Dinner Dance Event!

|by MTM

  Choose an energizing setting. In case you’re going through cash wowing visitors with dinner and dance Singapore, you should discover a setting that will inspire your visitors also. Attempt Unique Venues of Singapore to see an entire scope of the fascinating choices accessible in the city.   Have a lot of table designs accessible […]

Reasons to Hire MTM Events as Your Event Planner in Singapore

|by MTM

  Regardless of whether you’re arranging a little corporate event to praise your endeavor’s first year, or in case you want to set up an indulgent year-end party for a multi-million dollar venture, procuring a corporate event arranging organization isn’t something you should ignore. Arranging corporate events takes significantly something other than contracting a cook […]