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8 Best Tips for Planning a Corporate Incentive Trip

May 28, 2019 | by MTM
8 Best Tips for Planning a Corporate Incentive Trip


A Corporate Incentive Trip, believe it or not, is one of the few office related events that your employees actually do look forward to. Say, for corporate events in Singapore, there’s a whole lot more you must assure other than the amazing visuals and scenery the place has to offer. So taking care that this event does end up being a success is very important for revitalizing your workforce’s energy levels and making them look forward to all the upcoming tasks that will surely be challenging.

Having said that, below mentioned are the 8 best Tips for Planning your next Corporate Incentive Trip.

  • Selecting the best date: Choosing the best date for the trip is easier said than done. It’s imperative that all the factors do fall into place regarding the place you are visiting, the weather conditions and the overall vibe of all your employees.  Hence determine a date that will perfectly align not only with the staff mood but company’s ambition as well. Choose the place with the perfect weather (obviously) and at a time when you have the least sick leave applications at your desk.
  • Choosing a fixed goal: To further upon the previous point, the general goal behind the trip should be perfectly understood by all the attendees. They need to know the company’s ambition behind arranging the trip, (of course alongside the fact that the company really cares about all of them). The fixed goal should definitely revolve around boosting the teamwork, working spirit and the morale of the workers.
  • Ensure a whole unique vibe: The best incentive travel committees worth their salt make it their topmost priority to sell the “uniqueness factor towards the working staff. Not only the trip destination needs to offer a completely different landscape, but shoving away the regular office regulations and things every now and then also excites. All you have to remember is that the priority is for your employees to have a good time, and not to feel imprisoned with their boss acting as the proverbial bars.
  • Budget handling: When all is said and done, basically the incentive travel should include minimal risks and cost the company effectively zero pennies. Hence it is imperative that the luxuries afforded are reasonably priced and the ROI should be in sync with the trip budget. The best thing you can do to ensure that is choosing a location with flattering tax implications.
  • Hire professionals for the job: For all it’s worth, trip management is often a very ruthless and thankless job, especially given the time constraints it often involves. So the wise decision would be to accept the professional assistance of an event planning company for handling the tedious aspects of a trip. The professionals make sure that everything stays within the budget and all the necessities are taken care of. It’s a real win-win situation if there ever was one.
  • Look out for the best destination trends: Explore the best destination trends before declaring, “Let’s all aboard.”. Event the recent studies have revealed that Singapore, Japan, and Thailand are the top three destinations for all employees wish list. So what you can do here is that by conducting a survey, you at least have a pretty good idea as to the preferred destination for your office workers and gradually you can select the best one by factoring in various things like the budget, weather, tax relaxations, etc.
  • Ensure maximum group engagement: This easiest and the most nightmare-inducing task at the same time is to make sure that everyone feels wanted and excited to be a part of the business trip. Of course, not everyone can have equal attention especially with personnel enjoying different position within the office, but you can still include funny- little games and activities to ensure collectiveness and harmony amongst everyone.
  • Ensure a desired/profitable outcome: At the end of the day, it’s still a business trip and the fun factor shouldn’t deflect the end goal to be all about attaining profits for the company in the long run, as discussed earlier. So just factor in all the aforementioned strategies and relish the end product of a successful Corporate Incentive Trip.

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