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Awesome Event Layout Tips that will make your Attendees go “wow”

November 25, 2019 | by MTM
Awesome event layout tips that will make your attendees go wow


Now that you’re done with sending out invitations to all the guests for your next office conference, the next part of the puzzle is to choose the layout that ensures maximum engagement. If you wish to acquire awesome Event Services Singapore, then hiring professionals for the job is a must. While the ‘same-old, same-old’ formula might just be alright, it’s advisable that more effort and time be devoted towards designing the perfect event layout.

There are primarily four main phases to any event, irrespective of its size and nature-

  • The entrance
  • The seating once everyone’s there
  • entertainment/refreshments mid-way
  • The grand finale

Especially when considering a corporate event in Singapore, the layout needs to look more professional and ‘in order’ so that optimum space efficiency, as well as public involvement, is a surety.

Phase 1- The Entrance:

It’s obvious that all guests enter the venue through the front entrance, but what might follow can be anything from an empty conference hall to a food station, or even a whiteboard section. The key here is to simply have your attendees enter straight into the conference/exhibition hall.

Pro Tips: Ask this to yourself beforehand, and then choose the venue accordingly-

  • What will be the approximate number of guests?
  • What are the Corporate’s priorities with the event?
  • Is a center-stage really needed?
  • The kind of decor and furniture, depending on individual guests.

Phase 2- The Seating:

Depending on the number of guests, pre-planning the manner of seating arrangement is quite beneficial. In what manner should the tables and seats be arranged so that maximum space is utilized? Also, as stressed upon previously, all the attendees must feel involved.


  • The hall can have a different seating style. Different shapes and sizes of tables offer a unique layout to the venue.
  • If speakers/entertainers are going to appear, then the stage should be in the middle rather than in front of the audience.
  • All the tables & chairs should be positioned as such to directly be focusing on the stage portion.

Phase 3- The mid-way:

While the cuisines you offer to your guests will make a huge difference, so will the manner in which everything gets presented. The same goes for the entertainment routine and the presentation that needs to be delivered. Once again, your venue layout should make sure that everyone gets a clear view of the proceedings.


  • If you wish to have a buffet, then proper buffet tables must be decorated and served individually to guests at every seat.
  • Rather than serving beverages successively to tables, the venue should incorporate one separate cocktail station or bar
  • For activities such as presentations, a layout resembling an auditorium should be considered.

Phase 4- The Grand Finale:

When all is said and done, the exit for all your guests shall be free of disruption. The challenging aspect of designing a layout is to have everything in order during the final stages of the event when all the guests are usually eager to leave before the said ‘rush hour’.

Pro Tips:

  • If a dance routine is involved, then the layout for the dance floor should be such that it doesn’t hamper the joy guests are having when others are exiting through the same space.
  • Proper safety exits are a must. Any good layout makes sure that no-fuss is created during or at the final bits of an event.
  • Break activities down into singular affairs in order to design the ideal layout for the venue.

Conclusion: At MTM Events, you can consider us to be the one-stop solution to all our event planning requisites. As a reputed Event Planner Singapore, our highly certified team of event planning experts will arrange for every single element within your budget. We make sure that no matter the scale, your next party/event ends up being a smash-hit, memorable affair for all your guests.