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Score Style Points For Your Next Dinner and Dance Event

|by MTM

  Being a party host is a pretty thankless job. A Dinner and Dance Singapore are especially one of the most preferred means of celebrating any major festival or a new year. But then the whole process seems quite straightforward on the surface, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Although anyone can actually host […]

7 Party Hacks For a Corporate Event That Rocks

|by MTM

  Rent the equipment instead of purchasing: While it’d be good to have those amazing LED lights and neon lasers for your office party but before you open up the company wallet, just think about it, how often are you actually going to need these props after this single event? Probably not too often. So […]

Some Useful Traits To Recognise A Topnotch Party Emcee

|by MTM

  Hiring any ordinary party emcee is not going to make a seismic shift in the “fun-scale” of your party. A topnotch party is a must here. With that said, below we are listing some useful traits (5 in total) to help you recognize the perfect party emcee Singapore for your next major event. A […]

8 Superb Trade-Show Ideas to Attain Maximum Visitors

|by MTM

  So, you’ve just been tasked with arranging a trade-show by your employers. It’s onto your shoulders now to make sure that the ordeal ends up a classic, and also leads to actual long-term profit for the company as well. Naturally, the main hurdle you need to tackle is ensuring maximum attendance at the event. […]

How Event Marketing Automation is Changing The Sector as We Know it?

|by MTM

  Event marketing is an essential tool towards making sure you extract the maximum out of your corporate events  Singapore. After all, how is your target audience going to know about the event in the first place, and even if they are, how will you, as a company person make them see the benefits of […]