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Top 5 Tips – Crowd Management for Event Success

November 12, 2018 | by MTM


Event organizers Singapore ensure that health and safety risks are properly managed for all attendees, including staff, contractors, volunteers and members of the public. This might not seem like a challenge when walking around your empty venue, but as soon as a crowd starts forming it doesn’t take much for minor or major injuries to occur.

Here we are giving you 5 tips for crowd management:

Step 1: Know the Venue Inside and Out

Identify all the venue entry points. There should be a backdoor reserved for staff, or a window that can be opened from the outside. Once you identify all points of entry, try to be sure all personnel and especially the security team is made aware.  If the venue is outdoors, remember to establish boundaries where the event begins and ends. Try to use of temporary fencing and barricades.

Step 2: Gauge Attendee Risk

Are there any guests that may produce risk? Obviously, you can’t perform without any background check on every ticket buyer. Identify the potential risks. If there is any guest speaker come having a controversial history, then it could increase the risk of protests or attendees who may attend just to cause a confrontation. Be careful of guests that purchase event tickets by the bulk. This may be an event protestor buying tickets for their fellow ones.

Step 3: Control the Crowd

The larger the crowd, increasing the risk it that something can go wrong. Staff needs to be energetic who manages large numbers of people and exerting authority when need be. The security team ensures that the crowd in the venue never comes beyond the capacity limit. Never forget to count all staff and security personnel when keeping track of total numbers.

Step 4: Assess the Potential for Large-Scale Attacks

It’s unfortunate to mention this at all, but this is the actual reality we now live in. Big crowds are an easy target, so high-security personnel is generally recommended for larger events. All guests should also have their bags checked. A professional security team is trained to look for weapons or other items. Constantly staring and monitoring for the suspicious activity should also take place.

Step 5: Keep Communication Tight

Communication should be spot on. Be sure that each and every staff member has a walkie-talkie, so personnel not within hearing distance can stay in contact without leaving their area of duty.

So, there should be an emergency plan always which is a natural follow-up in a risk evaluation. MTM Events is your best event management Singapore which plans and keep communication tight between staffers and security and always prepares some backup plan.