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MTM Events

MTM Events is a leading, full-service Event Planning Company Singapore. For more than 18yrs in the events industry, our services include event conceptualisation & planning, execution & management, technical stage productions & logistics, creative works & event decorations, talents management & entertainment, gifts & premiums for clients from all kinds of industries in Singapore & Overseas.

MTM is all about the chemistry of strategic thinking and flair. We are committed to rollout solutions that engage people. Because of this, our team is a collective of individuals from diverse backgrounds, and with different skills and talents working together to produce world-class platforms in the industry. With an experienced team dedicated to deliver quality personal service and an excellent track record in the management of past events, our mission is to create a unique experience for our customers while always remembering to keep their needs in mind.

Should you like to play a more active role in the organization process while ensuring the flawless delivery of your function, MTM Events also offers event consultancy or various levels based on your specific requirements and need.

"Whatever the scale, Whatever the need, whatever the occasion, whatever the situation, MTM Events is here to make your event come alive"