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How to Create a Spectacular Stage Set for your Gala Dinner?

December 4, 2018 | by MTM
How to create a spectacular stage set for your gala dinner


Spectacular stage set for your gala dinner could be ‘cutting edge’ and pulsing with light and technology. Event planner Singapore surrounds the audience with stage, bringing them completely into the right domain.

Here we are giving you some tips to create a spectacular stage set for your gala dinner:

1. Custom designing your stage look

If you have the potential to custom design your stage set for your gala dinner – you definitely should. In true words, with the stage being the main center point of the event and likely to feature in every photo taken, it must definitely take a large piece of the budget pie. You should build a custom set for your Dinner and Dance Singapore or awards night because right after, it transports the audience to somewhere new and exciting, grabbing their attention and focusing it onto your presenters and content.  The look of your stage shows your brand, ideas, and values.

2.   Technical details do a stage design have to consider

All custom stage set designs need to take in account the venue’s resistance for weight and height, its capacity to rig and fly any necessary event production equipment, and other all-important safety issues like access to fire exits.

Your set design needs allow lighting fixtures to be rigged so light can be directed where it’s urged. The PA needs to cover the crowd for your awards night or gala dinner without interfering with or being obstructed by set elements. Any projectors you are applying for image live cameras or video need to be able to cover their targets without hindrance.

3.   How to use screens in your set design 

Screens are an important consideration in a custom set. Whether for branding, information, video playback or camera feeds of your presenters, they’re likely to be not just marked, but an essential part of your event production. Large projection screens for big sets can be built into your set or flown in when needed.

4.   Using lighting as part of your event design

Lighting is not just about colors, effects, and highlights; it can also be a feature of the set design itself. There is a whole family of new LED lighting fixtures that cannot only wash a stage with color; they can be sent videos and animations. It also adds striking textural effects to your set design.

5.   Using projection mapping to animate your custom set 

It is the ability to project video onto any or all of it. You’re not just limited to movement and light to create change and interest in your set designs. The possibilities with projection in event production are immense, from using multiple projectors to create one giant image across your stage (‘edge blending’), or projecting and warping video onto an object to seemingly animate it into the real world.


MTM Events has been designing spectacular stage looks for over many years. Whether you want to create a city skyline, an iconic landmark, or bring your logo to life we have the people, the ideas and the tech tools to make it happen. That’s why renowned brands chose to partner with Staging Connections to deliver their gala dinner.

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