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7 ‘To do’ to Charm up your Corporate Award Ceremony

April 20, 2019 | by MTM
7 'To do' to charm up your corporate award ceremony


The thing about hosting a corporate award ceremony is that if not hosted appropriately, you run the risk of running a bore-fest for your audience, especially the recipients’ family and friends on the night. To do that say for your Singapore party it’s beneficial if you call a professional Corporate event planner in Singapore. That Event Planner in Singapore will provide you a list of ‘know hows’ in relation to an award ceremony and you’ll be set.

There are a bunch of options for you to consider when organising a corporate award functions

1. Appropriate Invitations: Even before putting pen on paper for any items list, first you need to make sure maximum people do attend the programme along with their family and friends. Your invitation message tells them in the first glance what they should expect from the corporate event, a marketing seminar or an actual party.

If a lot of people need to be involved, simply email them rather than physical cards, but put forth the appeal of the event by including images and videos. A simple text invitation over chatting won’t do, the invitee simply thinks the event is not a big deal, to begin with.

2. Pick a perfect venue: Your corporate ceremony is a big deal, so hosting it in your seminar hall won’t cut it. Always consider a venue that has a unique (definitely non-office) feel to it.

The whole place needs to have an attractive yet professional setting, with wide spacing for sitting and stage/podium set up. It’s not too difficult to find a place that fits the bill when you especially hire an able party planner for you.

3. Pick a theme: You can choose to have everyone appear in their three-piece suits while ladies have the same looking dresses as well sure. But you know what can actually make the whole outlook more memorable? You guessed it, a fitting theme.

You can choose any office related theme or simply something fun like Wild Wild West, Harry Potter, Christmas or anything else, the possibilities are endless.

Not only would it make for quite a visual but also the attendees have a lot to talk about and get to bond with each other.

4. Appoint an emcee: The first thing to remember here is that attendees are there to have a good time. Making formal slide presentations and making everyone sit through it is just a mood killer.

You should rather go for an emcee in Singapore and a good one at that. Your Emcee can distribute the awards efficiently by honoring the recipient’s accomplishment, and his contribution to the company whilst also usually adding a bit of humor and bundle of enthusiasm into his speech.

An emcee is so much more than a host or a presenter, a professional one is capable of handling all the party needs while also engaging the crowd with his personality, humor and natural charisma.

5. Fitting cuisines & drinks: This goes without saying that you will have to provide food and drinks to the attendees, otherwise what sort of party would that be. But simply offering muffins with apple juice wouldn’t take care of the audience, they can enjoy the same along with the bonus of not having to leave their houses.

Always offer dinner, maybe even a buffet to ensure guest contentment. Multiple cuisines should be added to the dinner menu (with vegetarian side dishes), along with a mini bar of sorts so your guests can enjoy a few cocktails.

6. Entertainment: As sad as it is, the majority of your party goers won’t be receiving an award. So grabbing enough entertainment would be the only reason for them to stay. Luckily there are so many ways you can do that for your audience and just some of them are mentioned below-

  • Book a DJ
  • Book a stage magician/artist
  • Invite a dance group
  • Invite a stand-up comedian
  • Organise fun games and activities ( Like nerf shooting, Karaoke, Bowling, etc.)

7. The event conclusion: The end of a chapter needs to be as engaging as the intro for the book to be considered a must read. The same applies for your corporate event. Ending matters on a whimper will leave an underwhelming impression on your audience, and a person remembers the last bit of an event and a movie better than the other phases.

Photo booth sessions is a positive note to end things on. After offering the awards and parting gifts to your guests, make sure to involve a photo booth session as a final part of an event that they will remember for a long time.

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