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6 Types of Corporate Events (and How to Make Them Fun)

April 1, 2019 | by MTM
6 Types of Corporate Events (and How to Make Them Fun)


Business-related events can frequently feel stale and unsurprising. In any case, that doesn’t mean they need to be. Look at these six regular types of corporate events Singapore and figure out how to make yours increasingly essential.

Business-related events don’t need to be unsurprising.

Corporate event type 1: Internal meetings

Inner meetings need event planning aptitude the same amount of as large meeting or public exhibition does.

So how might you make your organization’s next inside meeting to a lesser degree an errand and a greater amount of an ordeal worth individuals’ time far from their work area? Here are a couple of thoughts:

  • Keep the timetable tight: Depending on the motivation behind the meeting, keep it as short and concentrated as conceivable by demanding a calendar that everybody must hold fast to.
  • Tell stories or use metaphors: Whatever your meeting is about, make it relatable to ordinary business by utilizing genuine precedents, contextual analyses, and imaginative allegories. Individuals will sit still for a considerable length of time viewing a film — why not take some realistic traps?


Corporate event type 2: Product launches

An incredible item launch should leave individuals humming with fervor and expectation. A powerful moment for any event company in Singapore hoping to advance their image, an item launch is one of only a handful couple of times where representatives, financial specialists, individuals from the press, and even contenders meet up in one spot.

  • Utilize increased or computer generated reality: Help individuals experience the new item with AR or VR, similar to business van producer FCA. FCA utilized expanded reality to flaunt another line of vans and all the distinctive shading plans with just a single van physically present. It was a proficient utilization of room — and spending plan.
  • Pick a theme: Your theme sets the tone for your entire event, driving the majority of your planning choices and drawing in participants. Pick a theme for your launch to conceptualize pertinent encounters or initiations your participants will love.


Corporate event type 3: Conferences

At the point when your organization chooses to have a meeting, your notoriety is hanging in the balance. This sort of event is a chance to exhibit that an organization is genuinely an idea chief in its industry, equipped for uniting speakers and substance that give genuine incentive to participants.

  • Find better event speakers: Conference-goers are happy to go far separations for the correct speaker lineup. In any case, finding and verifying meeting speakers isn’t in every case simple. Pursue the direction in this digital book to overhaul your meeting speaker sourcing procedure.
  • Offer intelligent food and drink stations: There are numerous approaches to encourage participants and wow them in the meantime — like adjustable champagne mixed drink bar, live sautéed food station, or even a donut wall. Specking them all through your event is a wonderful shock!


Corporate event type 4: Training workshops

Putting on training workshops for representatives can be an unpleasant errand. Much the same as school assemblies path back when, numerous individuals aren’t amped up for required social events — particularly if the preparation is on a drypoint like security and participants have a pile of work to get past back at their work areas.

  • Include organizing openings: Whether a preparation event is outside or interior, give individuals time to associate with one another. This is the place an event application can become possibly the most important factor, helping make organizing proposals for attendees.
  • Transform meeting of people individuals into members: Encourage all-out cooperation, even from bashful participants. For the individuals who don’t care to talk up in a meeting, consider utilizing ongoing surveying applications.


Corporate event type 5: Seminars

Courses are frequently used to exhibit an organization’s mastery on a particular theme or inside to give workers learning openings. They likewise more often than not enable crowd individuals to interface with the speaker.

To blend things up at your next corporate workshop, think about the accompanying tips:

  • Incorporate an activity during break time: Instead of the typical rest, think about including something experiential into that time. Casual fireside visit sessions, for instance, can stimulate participants and help their cerebrums get the break from learning they have to center when they returned.
  • Incline toward innovation: Instead of a PowerPoint presentation, think about how you can enable your speakers to interface with the group of onlookers better — regardless of whether that is through an application, internet-based life, or even a chatbot to help individuals find significant substance.


Corporate event type 6: Holiday parties

Most organizations toss a yearly slam around the to praise their workers and show thankfulness for their customers or clients. Albeit more cheerful than alternate sorts of corporate events in Singapore on this rundown, despite everything they have to hold fast to work-fitting parameters.

  • Social photograph corner: People have delighted in taking photograph stall selfies since 1925 and very little has changed. The present social photograph stalls, however, make it simple for individuals to take stills, recordings, or GIFs and offer the pictures directly to their online networking accounts.
  • Cirque show: The carnival expressions have experienced a picture upgrade, on account of acts like Cirque du Soleil, which have raised the work of art to a vivid affair. Add a portion of that persona to your very own event by contracting flexibility specialists, trapeze artists, and trapeze artists.


The focused scene of corporate events

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