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5 Reasons a Proper Emcee is a Must for any Party type

April 29, 2019 | by MTM
5 Reasons a proper Emcee is a must for any party type


A party Emcee isn’t a whole lot different from a rapper MC, both of them basically need the skill to awe their audience with their skills and charismatic presence.

Say you have to organise an event in Singapore, then the event company in Singapore will provide you with a party Emcee Singapore event venue. The personnel hired has the sole job of engaging audiences but the whole task is much easier said than done.

With that said, if you are looking to organise any type of party (Corporate party, Wedding party, birthday party or really anything) you might want to consider calling a professional emcee for the following reasons-

1. The face of the event: Your emcee is the face of your event. The way he acts and talks reflects on the whole event. So an emcee without the necessary competency will only act as an atmosphere vacuum, sucking the life out of the celebration. You cannot simply have a guy who talks a lot and gets hyped left right and center, it just feels forced and the whole thing falls flat.

2. A proper emcee makes the atmosphere: The party MC worth his salt will know it all. Proper emcee generates an energetic vibe, even when calling up a speaker on stage, he does it in a way that the audience actually looks forward to hearing things. The guy might tell jokes, introduce guests and speakers, bring out all the pomp and frails at the planned time, and all in all rouse your guests with his presence on stage and mic in hand.

An emcee wouldn’t have to jump into the ground while rocking music plays in the background (of course unless the situation demands), he can make the whole setting delectable with just the power of speech.

3. To slide the burden off the host: Once a proper emcee knows the whole schedule and must-haves from the host, he takes charge of the event and you, the host, no longer have the headache to ensure that people have a good time.

The guy will kick off and conclude the whole event on your behalf. It’s really a must because say if you are organising a wedding party then your sole focus should be well, on getting married of course rather than making sure the pudding doesn’t have chestnuts, which Mrs. Smith is allergic to. Your MC would be the one to take care of that.

4. To arrange the whole bag of needs and wants: Not only on the day and time of the event, but an emcee is also there to assist you with add on suggestions you want prior. A professional MC has been on the block many times, and so knows a whole lot more about the party features including the party theme, visual equipment, sound systems, cuisine types and prices, beverages to include and a lot more.

A seasoned guy will segment the whole thing into time slates and arrange for all the goods at the appropriate times.

5. Proper MC = overall success of the party: So let’s suppose you did hire an emcee, after all, you don’t know his past credentials and chose him as he looks party presentable. At the venue, your emcee gets on stage and starts off the introduction-

“Oh wow, so hey guys. I Ummm, didn’t expect such a vast crowd and I must say, how amazing you all are and I am honored. I wanna thank you all for this opportunity to……..”

Now apart from the sound of crickets, what you hear from your guests is along the lines of “Man, I thought the poor guy would fade.” or “Dude I thought it would never end.”

Now that is where THE emcee makes the difference. The whole thesis of the post is not to simply choose an Emcee but what extra a proper one brings to your event.

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