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5 Dinner & Dance Concepts to Wow Your Guests in Singapore

February 25, 2019 | by MTM
5 Dinner & Dance Concepts To Wow Your Guests in Singapore


When you are hosting an event, you need to ensure that your visitors are as amped up for it as you seem to be. You need to draw in them and make the capacity sufficiently engaging to bond collaborators and essential enough to leave an impression. So if you are organized a dinner and dance in Singapore and it feels boring,

Here are some amazing ideas to help you thrash mediocre.

1. Motion picture/Character Inspired

Having a film themed Dinner and Dance party is an extraordinary method to publicity your visitors up for the occasion. Regardless of whether it is a superhuman from the Marvel Universe, a Pixar animation character, or a mafia manager from a 60s film. Here’s a tip to urge your associates to venture up their diversion and be bolder with their ensembles: hold a Best Dressed challenge and reward the victor with a movement voucher or a Starbucks card, contingent upon your financial plan.

2. Go back in time

On the off chance that you’d like your gathering to be great and a la mode in the meantime, go for a Vintage or Victorian Era subject and watch your visitors work the ruffle and decorations. On the off chance that you extravagant something crazy and sweet, a retro-themed slam is the ideal reason for the women to draw out the uproarious hues and the stages.

3. Occupation Themes

What’s your answer when benevolent grown-ups asked “What did you need to be the point at which you grow up?” when you were still a little child? Having the subject “Occupation” not just enables you to make your blessing from heaven for the night, it additionally enables you to realize your associates better as you get some information about your youth dream.

4. Hollywood/Glam/Oscars/Masquerade

We have surrendered to the way that Hollywood is truly distant for the vast majority of us. In spite of the fact that we can’t have our dainty impressions and signatures on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, however without a doubt we can wear the outfits and the tuxedos and fill the role well! It’s a night for you to spruce up and sparkle. Draw out the stilettos and the bling and the sequins and the internal show rulers and lords as you stroll down the elegant celebrity lane for a magnificent sparkling night ahead.

5. Color-themed dinner and dance

This subject works easily with any event or occasion. While the exemplary Black and White is a dazzling difference, you could generally pick a night of neon lights that make for wonderful occasion photos. In the event that your association is a female workplace, a pastel topic would be the most brilliant topic to them.


You could put forth an admirable attempt to adjust all parts of the dinner and dance party in light of an idea – from a stylistic theme, welcomes, clothing regulation, menu, programs… the rundown goes on. Obviously, you would require a reasonable event planner in Singapore as MTM Events to have your themed get-together with the goal that the tone is set directly from the minute your colleagues enter the introduce.

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