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How Much Do Event Organisers / Event Companies Cost In Singapore?

September 11, 2018 | by MTM
How Much Do Event Organizers Event Companies Cost In Singapore


Once you plan an event and hire an event organiser or event management Singapore, be rest assured. Now the ball is in their court! The companies take all the responsibilities, right from guest check list to guiding the attendees, to the last day. Even for corporate events, there are a few corporate event management companies here in Singapore. They draw out a plan and bring it in front of you, giving you a gist of the event idea. Hiring them is really fruitful because many companies are connected to vendors and you may not end up pinching your pockets. There might be many questions cropping into your mind, about pricing, their work, how to choose the best; etc, we have got all the answers.

Check out to relax your thinking caps as we answer your questions one by one.

Choose a professional company: A professional organizer must possess the following qualities: The organizer must be able to work cleverly. While handling many customers, people, he must possess the quality to avoid confusions, problems or any mishaps. He must also have a healthy relationship with the vendors. He must be able to think cleverly and fast, i.e he must be able to think fast on his mind if any error or mishap happens.

Also, these things do matter during the event

Location: The distance between the event venue and the starting point.

Size of the event: It is a small party or a large event happening. It includes a number of attendees who shall attend the event. So that may confirm the manpower for the event. Hiring a large number of manpower for a small event shall make no sense. Hence it is important to know the number of attendees.

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 Expected Price Range When Hiring An Event Organiser: The price may vary according to the event type and the reputation of the event organizing company. Some event organizers Singapore can charge 15-20% of the total expense of the event as part of their fee; some other event organizers have an hourly rate. While some, event organizers would price both with a percentage of total expense and an hourly rate.

Keep these things in mind

Make sure you check on the event organizer or event Management Company who has prior experience to handle the event you are opting for. Keep a track of his charges, as it may help you to check on your budget.

Many times it seems too pricey to hire different vendors for events, but hiring a proper Event Planner Singapore can help you do the entire task under the same label! Make sure you go for the best. Homework for anything is necessary. It’s never time-consuming, it’s time-saving instead.