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8 Creative Theme Ideas for your Next Corporate Event

May 22, 2019 | by MTM
8 creative theme ideas for your next corporate event


A corporate event is like your homemade cookies. They can only be as good as your ability to make them that. Remember that your event theme goes a long way in selling the excitement one can expect from your corporate gathering. So as a highly reputed event planning organization.

Here are 8 Creative and Innovative Theme Ideas for your next Corporate Event.

  • Camping theme: Starting off with a rather professional outfit for a plan. A camping based theme is a certified mood enhancer and a laid back approach towards office gathering. With a simple budget, you can still go all out with a camping-themed corporate retreat using basic props like tents, guitars, beer pongs etc. Sky’s the limit for the fun quotient.
  • White space theme: Gather round all your folks for a white space get together and witness them engage with their peers and their creativity. All the event attendees this way have a chance to leave a lasting impression on the white space and their individual touch lives on in their memories forever. Channel out your attendees’ inner Da Vinci with this one.
  • Interstellar-themed event: How about making your theme look out of this world, quite literally that is? A corporate company can throw an interstellar themed party/event to set the mood right off the bat. Make use of crazy LEDs, backdrops, antenna attached glasses and hats, dark lighting with sparkling dots all over and there you go, the whole setting is now other-worldly.
  • Hollywood theme: Even though every event planning committee strolls through the Hollywood idea at least once, thanks to the fact that you have literally millions of movie ideas to choose from you’re never going to run out of options. Some of the best selling ideas related to Hollywood themes are
  • Harry Potter
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Titanic
  • Avatar
  • Shrek etc


  • Kids cartoon shows: During the busiest of days, especially as an office worker we do wonder how wonderful it’d be going back to the simpler times, with our bag of cheerios and binging our favorite cartoon shows. Make that a reality with your next corporate theme consisting of our attendees favorite cartoon characters and see them relish a genuine experience of a lifetime.
    The choice may vary individually. Some of them might be huge Dragon Ball Z fans while others might simply want to relish a bit of Johnny Bravo swag in real life.
  • Vintage based: Doesn’t matter if by vintage you mean a prehistoric era, the Victorian Era or simply the Dark Ages, the fact of the matter is we just can’t have enough of the exhilaration when wondering about the past time. Just make sure that the time scale is understood by all beforehand, as the last thing you want is a group of Sherlock Holmes’ like Gentlemen sharing a thought with a bunch of Cavemen lookalikes.
  • Futuristic theme: Having done with the blast from the past, it’d be unfair to leave out this equally imaginative, creative and fun inducing theme idea for your next corporate event. LED Video walls, Robo-Heads, and hologram screens make up for a highly futuristic setting. Just make sure to drown the whole setting in Blue-Silver color scheme and the icing on the cake is therefore finished.
  • Sports theme Meeting: Let your colleagues know they don’t necessarily have to be a part of the Celtic Hawks or Manchester United squad to feel the same thrill and pride as the players do. Include mini golf, basketball court, a mini football field, and similar sports setup and just encourage your attendees to go all out and have a good time. This theme idea is a surefire hit.


Conclusion: All the aforementioned theme ideas are equally amazing and must surely be considered as serious contenders for your next corporate event.
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