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5 Innovative Ideas to Sparkle Your Next Office Event

June 1, 2019 | by MTM
5 innovative ideas to sparkle your next office seminar event


An office event is one of those risky prospects. In the eyes of most people, such events are destined to fail from the offset. Their appeal is really hard to sell as an event organizer. The thing is, mostly these parties don’t embrace the ‘event’ part but rather the ‘office’ part of it. Say with corporate events in Singapore, there’s only as far you can get with the glitters and the enthusiastic vibe, you need to add so much more to it. Otherwise what you end up with is a fruit punch & cupcake offering, little meet and greet that barely a single office employee wants to be a part of.

Thankfully though, below we have mentioned some of the best and creative ideas that will sparkle your next office event. Let’s just dive in now-

  • PhotoBooth Session: In all honesty, this party trick has existed for a while now, but offices still don’t see it fit which is just boring. A photo booth session on a virtual tour around some beautiful landmarks, where attendees get to engage with their fellow colleagues, click pictures, carry them home and share on social media is a lifelong memory. Giving attendees memorabilia is just a way of appreciating them for their hard work and dedication.
  • The Scientific Food: No you won’t be serving your guests some Bioceramic beads with chocolate syrup on top. That’s not what scientific food refers to. What this actually means is setting up interactive live food stalls and science-based food concepts, the likes of ‘levitating’ dinner plate’s pasta, hologram beans, and frozen nitrogen ice creams and stuff like that. Even wacky flavored delicacies like doughnuts and beverages qualify for the category, using infrared thermal cameras. Especially for a new business opening, this type of approach is a great way to create interest and media attention, which in turn is a sales call up.
  • Corporate employees’ performance: Always encourage your employees to take part in the proceedings. In fact, we all have a hidden talent inside of us and what better setting than a corporate event with all your colleagues and friends around. Simple things like poem performance or a stand-up routine are just right for the professional occasion and are generally the perfect gateways for promoting comradeship and unity. A poem sourced out of real stories is just one of those heartwarming things everyone enjoys and it makes the whole event feel personal.
  • Specific cocktails: The last thing you want out of a corporate party is for the guests to be smashed out of their wits and smacking heads into the walls, and all of that even before the dinner gets served. Cocktails served in small conventional Capri-Sun pouches with mild vodka mixed with lemon, strawberry, lychee, and cucumber juice is just the energy drink your party needs. Your Corporate event theme can only be synchronized with the glasses and types of beverages. SUch mood lifters make sure your guests are sober enough to remember the event while still managing to leave their inhibitions and sorrows behind.
  • Good Ol’ Disco: Now who doesn’t love a disco round, especially right before the grand conclusion of the event. With your disco party, you can personize the whole scene with flashy LED screens, lasers, and glittering chandeliers and yeah, who can forget, a disco ball! Such small things can just help to set the scene and lift the mood, especially when you have set up a grand finale worthy of a successful corporate event.

All these event ideas are guaranteed smash hits and will surely make your next corporate event a visual to remember for all your guests.
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